NZAJLT Practice Exams available now

Practice Exams for Levels 1, 2 and 3 developed by the NZAJLT exam group in 2019 are available. Please order from Members Only Practice Exam page. Thank you to the NZAJLT members who were involved with writing the exam papers for all of us.


This year’s Trivia Championship is on Friday August 28 6:00pm – 8:15pm. NZAJLT members, please go to the members only event page and register your team(s). It is a free event for you. Non NZAJLT members, please check your inbox for more details. We look forward to seeing you all!!  

The inaugural ImmerseMe Games (21-28 May)

Message from Scott, ImmerseMe 🏆 Dear NZAJLT members, Let’s do something fun, positive and online for languages education! You’re invited to participate in the inaugural ImmerseMe Games (21-28 May) – a complimentary online language immersion competition! The competition is open to students studying Japanese, Chinese, EAL, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian and Spanish, from YearsContinue reading “The inaugural ImmerseMe Games (21-28 May)”

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